First African Baptist Church of Goldsboro, NC
Preaching Series:  Pastor Leigh preaching
"A Reminder of God's Love for You"

Sunday, January 29th 11AM
John 1:4-9 "Keep Shining"

Subject Points:
1.  Jesus Christ is Still Ready
2.  Jesus Christ is Still Recommended
3.  Jesus Christ is Still Our Redeemer

Personal Challenge

Today’s message has been prayerfully sent by God as vehicle to assist all hearers in developing a deeper confidence in the loving power of Jesus the Christ.  He shined in this world so that our life’s darkness can be flushed out and replaced with His marvelous light.  The darkness of hurt, shame, hopelessness can all be replaced with the glowing of a fulfilling savior named Jesus the Christ.  Will you allow Him to shine in your life today?